This ‘n That

Sunday was literally spent doing the crosswords and just plain sitting around. Nat’s cold is starting to come to full fruition and he’s not feeling too ambitious. He had every intention of hanging up the one mirror in the hallway, but a small piece of hardware is missing from the back and will have to be replaced. So we put that on hold for another day or two. On the plus side, the console and nesting tables are looking pretty good in the hallway, if I do say so myself!!

Today, despite the fact that it’s bloody cold out there, Nat has to get the garage set up for the new door to be installed in the morning. We received telephone confirmation this morning that it’s going ahead, even though we were sure they might cancel because of the cold. While Nat’s in the garage, I’ve been doing my usual cleaning. That way I can get back to baking tomorrow in order to replenish our supply of cookies, etc. Found a new recipe for Almond Crunch which looks really easy and good, so going to give it a whirl!! Nothing like a good “whirl” to lift the spirits!!

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