We’re Back!!! Start The Car!!

Knowing it was going to be a lousy weekend, we decided to drive up to Burlington this morning to exchange that glass cabinet door at Ikea. We left relatively early in order to get back in time for this afternoon’s hockey game. (A once-a-year thing for Hockey Day In Canada.)

As luck would have it, Ikea exchanged the smaller door without a receipt, giving us an “in store” credit. So we wandered around the store for a few minutes and then headed down to the warehouse area to this time get the proper door. Naturally, while wandering around the warehouse I managed to pick up a couple extra little things!! It wouldn’t have been a good shopping day otherwise!!! Besides, driving for just over an hour only to exchange a 60 x 30 cm glass door wouldn’t make sense to me!! Not only is that a waste of gas, but if anyone knows me at all, they’ll know that I literally walk around with a little list in my purse of “Things Needed”. That way I’m always prepared should I be in a different mall, shop or any retail establishment, and have a constant reminder of things I’m looking for. My mind being what it is, this list is a must! There have been too many times when I’ve been shopping in a far away store and, after arriving home, remembered there was a specific item or two that I could have been looking for!!

Nat and I were also lucky in that we found a nice console table suitable for the front hallway. It was a “new” item at Ikea and it had the right measurements, right price and bonus 2 extra smaller “nesting” tables. Couldn’t go wrong !! So along with our new purchase, our exchange and the funky new wrapping paper and wicker basket I grabbed along the way out, we headed for home. We stopped in St. Catharines for gas and lunch, then headed back to Fort Erie for groceries. It was starting to get nasty out and Nat’s cold was giving him trouble, so we decided to get everything done while we were out. Once inside we would be able to put our track suits on, curl up in front of the TV and watch a good hockey game.

Once at home Nat read the paper while waiting for the game to start and I got caught up in the office. As the game started at 3:00 p.m. we decided to stay in, fix some great hot corned beef on rye sandwiches with french fries and watch the game. Ahhhh, the good life!!!


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