My God, It’s Heavy!

We did it, we did it, we did it !!! Good God almighty we actually did it !! Nat and I managed to get our new LCD TV mounted onto the wall. Everyone we talked to in the stores said it was so easy, but that’s not always the case for us. Somehow what starts out to be easy can turn into a highly complicated, hi-tech, aggravating and extremely agitating experience, along with missing pieces, complicated and unreadable instructions – no words, just diagrams – and two very different interpretations of those instructions!!

Yesterday, we had to return the first wall mounting unit we purchased, as it was the wrong size. At least we took the time to review each and every piece, along with the directions and measuring the back of the TV at least five times. No, we were right, the bracket we bought was for a smaller sized TV, so back we went to the store for an exchange. After we arrived home with our new bracket, we decided to give things a rest and start fresh in the morning (being today). It was just as well, as I was quite anxious to just sit at this point – read on ….

Of course, the trip into Niagara Falls wasn’t completely uneventful. “Little Miss Oopsy Daisy”, took a spill in the parking lot. We had arrived just as the sleet and ice pellets were falling and not realizing the grate in the parking lot was fully coated by this time, I thought I would put my best foot forward. Without even blinking an eye, I went down so fast Nat had to look twice !! Naturally, I fell on my left side – the side with the arthritic hip, my new little kidney and my bum knee. With a gravely concerned look on his face, Nat helped me up and insisted I sit in the car. But being the stubborn ass that I am, I had to continue on, as I knew that stopping now would only make things worse. Truly, I was okay – just a sore leg and arm, along with a bump on my thigh that you could probably ski on!!!

So this morning, Nat was up and reading the instructions to the new unit by the time I got out of bed. He was getting himself familiar with the task at hand, while I carried on with my usual morning routine and tried to wake up. Being a “side sleeper”, I struggled all night with that bloody bump on my thigh to get comfortable. We were going to soldier on and get this thing done.

As I stated earlier, there was the usual differing of opinion as to the diagrams on the instruction sheet, along with the usual “I don’t know what this is for” !! This time, however, we managed to keep calmer heads and with only a couple of bumps in the road we got that thing up on the wall. Nat’s initial fears of the wall studs being too narrow to withstand the main brace were soon alleviated once the template was cut out and a pencil sketch on the wall was completed. From an article we found on the internet regarding how to mount a TV on a wall, we were able to determine the proper height, along with a couple other hints that made things go surprisingly well. It was just as well that research was done in advance as the instructions with the unit were vague and, in fact, non-existent in mentioning where to mount the main brace. We were very pleased with the way things turned out and what they say is very, very true – measure twice (in fact several times over) and cut once!!!

The last of our tasks for the living room will be assembling the second Ikea cabinet, painting the mirror frame (in the Spring), finding a console table for the hallway and then hanging the balance of our pictures. All things which (in my opinion) pale in comparison to hanging a TV on a wall. One little task that Nat and I were (each silently) dreading and both now feel that a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders (or at least our arms – that sucker was heavy!!!). For the balance of the afternoon we watched decorating shows on television. Nothing like re-exciting the soul for a new project!!!!

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