Good News From The North

The 59th birthday went well!! The kids were told to stay home Friday night as the weather was just too crappy to risk the half hour drive. They were coming over for my birthday, but Nat and I decided for the short time they’d be here it wasn’t worth the risk. So we all stayed home and stayed warm. Can’t beat that combo!

On Saturday morning (the actual day), Nat gave me my presents – Season One of Murphy Brown, the package opening gizmo and the picture hanging gizmo (both items are extremely handy!!). We decided to get our groceries and then we would drive into St. Catharines mid-afternoon, do a couple of errands and then go to the Mandarin for my birthday supper. All in all it was a nice quiet day, which is just the way we like it. No stress, no strain!!

When in St. Catharines we managed to find a replacement frame for the one Nat had put together some years back. We’re planning on putting a compilation of his family pictures (in one frame) and my family pictures (in a separate frame) in the little nook where the stereo is. We thought it would be more cohesive if both sets were all in black and white. So we’ve disassembled his pictures and scanned them into the computer in order to convert them all into black and white. From what we can see, it’s going to look pretty good!!

On our way into St. Catharines, we stopped at the Sony Store in Niagara Falls and picked up a wall mounting unit for the new LCD TV. Can’t wait to get that project done – going to look good!! And along with everything else, we also managed to pick up a great colour spray paint for that mirror going above the fireplace. Here’s hoping the test piece works out!!! Another project I can’t wait to see finished!! Poor Nat, there always seems to be that “little project” that needs doing around this house!!!

As we were settling in for the evening, little brother, Clair, called to wish me Happy Birthday. What a great surprise. It was really nice hearing from him and getting the news from the North. I can just “hear” the smile on his face whenever his son and daughter’s names are mentioned and it’s always great to hear any stories he has to tell. I’m only sorry I don’t have any news, as Nat and I are leading the quiet life we’ve always wanted, so we’re a little boring. It was great to hear that he’s dropped a few pounds and I’m extremely envious of his stamina and drive to do that “walking” thing that I so dearly hate. Nice news from the North is always welcomed!! “You go, little bro” !!

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