Look Honey, It’s $20.00 Cheaper!

Bonnie would be so proud of me. I’ve not only converted Nat over to Home Sense, but we found that elusive mirror and we’re going to paint it to suit the living room! He’s not one for Winners, but he’s discovered that Home Sense has some pretty good stuff and at some really good prices!

After yesterday, and with the sun shining this morning, Nat and I decided to make a run for it. We drove into St. Catharines to make a day of it and look at more stores for a mirror and console table. So we went to the Pen Centre where we did The Bay, Sears, Zellers, Pier 1 Imports, Home Sense and naturally, the Food Court!! After doing all of the department stores, and even finding one we both really liked at Zellers, we decided to just eliminate Home Sense. After all, there’s always that chance you may have missed “that special one”. Well we were right to have done so, as we found the same mirror from Zellers, only it was $20.00 cheaper. Nat’s little blue eyes just lit right up!!! Yep, this was his kind of store!! He was even pleasantly surprised at the great selection there was. There were more mirrors at Home Sense than we had seen at any other store – and believe me, we’ve been to them all!!!!

Naturally, we were pleased with ourselves and after putting our purchase in the back of the Van, we decided to have a closer look around at other small furniture and area rugs in the store. Nat was even pleasantly surprised at the selection of area rugs and (again) the cheaper prices. “Yep, I kind of like this place”, he says. Now for a non-shopper, that’s a pretty good statement, trust me!! However, we didn’t have too much luck at finding a console table for the hallway, despite the fact there were a couple of really good contenders. The area rugs were also the wrong design or wrong colours. But we’ve vowed to go back and keep checking.

At least the day into town wasn’t a total waste and we really enjoyed the sunshine and nice weather today. We know the next couple of days may be spent indoors again, with the predicted bad weather for the weekend. We’re both beginning to feel like ground hogs – sticking our little noses out of our hole and sniffing the air to see if it’s safe to come out!!! Too bad, if we were ground hogs I know we would both be rooting for an early Spring!!


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