But It’s Only 5:00 AM!!

Howling winds, twirling and spinning tree tops along with rattling , rustling twigs and debris were enough to make Nat and I want to crawl deeper and deeper under the covers. It was only 3:20 AM and we were wide awake, silently waiting together for what we hoped would not be another disastrous morning. Laying there together and trying desperately to get back to slumberland, our minds were not going to co-operate. We could only get what seemed like seconds of sleep.

It’s now 5:15 AM and we decide to get out of bed. It was useless, the little sleep we got was all that we were going to get. Up and dressed and constantly peeking through the drapes, we fixed a cup of tea and sat in the living room, waiting! Every tree between our house and our neighbour’s shook for all they were worth, along with that huge big old tree in our back yard, right in line with the double garage Nat so wants to get organized in the Spring. For what seemed like hours, we did the usual small talk trying to get our minds away from what was at hand. We turned on the TV looking to get the news and any weather updates. Then the mindless morning shows began and we couldn’t take it anymore. We shut the TV off and sat again in tense silence.

Finally the morning light (or what there was of it) began to show itself. Nat and I were now deciding what to do to fill what we knew was going to be a long, long day. I decided to bake Banana Bread for when the kids come over Friday night and Nat found a golf show that kept him occupied for an hour or so. In the afternoon we managed to disassemble a frame containing family photographs through the years that Nat had made. We decided to get a new matte cut and make all of the pictures black and white. That was enough to keep my hands out of trouble for an hour or two while I scanned them into iPhoto so I could touch them up. Turned out to be a good day for it. One of those jobs you really want to get done, but can’t quite get the gumption up to do it!! At least now it’s done and we’ll work on getting the matte done when we (wait for it …) “go to town”.

Now the evening hours are upon us – Nat is nestled in his easy chair watching the news, while I get my posting up-to-date. The wind is still howling, the debris is still being strewn around and the snow plow is still going up and down the main drag, even though we’ve only had a dusting of the white stuff!! God Bless this little Town – they know how to work those plows!!!


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