Another Thing Off The List

Good God, we spent the bucks today!!! Decided we had a little bit of a list long enough to warrant “going into town”. Nat wanted to pick up a denim shirt at Mark’s Work Wearhouse and I, naturally, had a list the length of my arm with all kinds of “doodads” we needed – the last of the sheers for that corner window, printer ink, printer paper, frames, a mirror for over the fireplace, etc., etc, etc. We had also decided that maybe we could make an afternoon of it, again, like we did a few weeks back – do the lunch thing, do the shopping thing and then do the supper thing. Sounded good, so away we went.

We ended up not necessarily getting everything off of that long list, but we managed to find a couple of things which we didn’t anticipate. So what else is new??? We hit Wendy’s & Tim Horton’s, Best Buy, Michael’s, Wal-Mart, Home Outfitters, Canadian Tire (the store and the gas bar), Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Swiss Chalet, and Linens ‘ n Things. We (unexpectedly) found a couple of really nice hallway runners, so decided to take those while they were in stock. We picked up a couple of frames so we could reframe/upgrade a couple of pictures we had in St. Catharines. Plus we also found a decent warm (and I do mean warm) winter coat for me!!! That was the other unexpected item. I HATE shopping for coats and low and behold we just happened to be passing the coat rack, after picking up those denim shirts for Nat, and this one just stood out. Plus – BONUS!! – it was on sale – half price!!!! No questions, it was a done deal!! Off we went, with the back of the van being filled up and now looking like we’d been Christmas shopping – only for ourselves!!

We grabbed an early supper and headed for home, with a stop along the way to Linens ‘ n Things to see if those elusive sheers were now in. What to our surprise – they were!! Finally, something else that will now be considered complete – the window treatments.

Arriving home we added up our purchases and sure enough, we spent way more than anticipated, but we both recognized the fact it was all those little doodads that we would have had to buy sooner or later – it just turned out to be sooner!! I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if some of the office supplies didn’t add up to so much. The paper for the printer, along with photo paper and ink can really do it to your wallet. The necessary “evils” that you need to keep those necessary items running can be ohhh so fun to use, but ohhh so hard to buy. This little house is starting to absorb an awful lot of “evil” little things!


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