Couped Up Too Long

The last couple of days have been quiet and uneventful. Nice!! The weather has been kind of blah – snowy and cold, so Nat and I stayed put for most of the time. He came along with me to Wal-Mart (not exactly his favourite store) Wednesday morning, just to get out. I wanted to pick up a couple of small items needed and I, too, wanted to get out of the house for a few minutes.

So we wandered around the store, picked up most of what was on my list and wandered back home. These past few days we’ve been waiting for the roofing and siding contractor to drop by to appraise the damage from that fallen tree, so Nat wanted to stay close to home. As a result, the rest of the day was spent cleaning the driveway, looking for my pin collection (found hidden under a blanket on the chair in the basement), and getting caught up on redoing my recipe collection.

Today, Nat wanted to go into St. Catharines on an errand by himself!!! Hmmm – my birthday is coming up – what do you think??? Of course, he made the excuse that he was returning the rug shampooer to Bonnie, wanted to call his friend, Bill, and have a wee visit, among other things. Sounded good to me – and besides he needed some time alone. He’s been couped up here with me and I can certainly recognize the fact that any man needs to be alone sometimes. I feel the same way myself.

Shortly after Nat arrived home, those tree cutters returned to finish off “chipping” up the debris. We also had a big surprise in that they cut down a huge pine tree in the side yard of our neighbour’s house. We stood in the window and watched the proceedings. The chainsaw cuts were predetermined and with somewhat precision, suddenly the tree fell with a quiet “thud”. A nice job from what we could see as the big old pine tree fell between the truck and the sideyward. Then with what seemed to be some wild abandon, the tree cutter’s chainsaw snipped, cut, ripped and tore away at the remaining limbs and branches. Within minutes, that big old pine tree was now just a memory, along with a good pile of wood chips and soon to be mulch. Kind of sorry to see it go, but at least now we’ll have a great view of our neighbour’s other huge decorated pine tree come next Christmas! Always a positive next to a negative!

With this excitement all over, the roofing and siding contractor finally came by. Nat was glad to see him and naturally followed him about the back yard as they both surveyed the damage. By coincidence the man that showed up was also the man that had done our roof in St. Catharines, only under another business name. He was telling Nat that he gave up that business and was now working for Baron Roofing & Siding. We were more than pleased with his work in St. Catharines, so we knew we were in good hands. Now it’ll be a waiting game to see when things can get done. At least we know the ball is now rolling! Whether it’s uphill or downhill is yet to be determined!!

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