Good Gossip

Such a productive day today! The usual laundry this morning and a good house cleaning!! As much as I hate doing housework, it’s always gratifying in the end. Now I can relax the rest of the week and do whatever Nat and I feel like. Nat even managed to get the carpet in the basement bedroom shampooed. We wanted to get that done so we can return Bonnie’s rug shampooer. Now the basement is pretty much livable for the time being, until we decide down the road how to refinish it. Trust me, we’re really talking “down the road”!!!!!!

This afternoon Michele finally made it over to see the new place. It was great seeing her and getting caught up on office gossip and the like. We’re so glad she’s finally working for a good lawyer and getting back to hopefully enjoying her job again. At least to the degree that anyone can actually “enjoy” their job! We only hope it continues for her. As we had a turkey breast in the oven we invited her to stay, but alas she had to leave – other errands to run and only the weekend to do them on.

As I’ve got my annual check-up at St. Joseph’s in the morning, Nat and I thought we would make a day of it and travel over to Ikea afterward to get a second cabinet for our CDs, DVDs and the like. Then we’ll pop over to Lee Valley for some extra doodads Nat needs for his workshop. We’ll probably also pick up some kitchen cabinet handles and change the old fashioned ones that are there now. Lee Valley always has something different and a good variety.

We finished off having a nice early supper – the Maple Leafs had a 5:00 pm game – and can sit back and relax, enjoying the fruits of our labour. So all in all a nice day – a feel good day. Just the way we like it!!


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