Suck It Up, Dear

Not a very exciting day today, but that’s okay. We decided to get our groceries this morning, rather than tomorrow (our usual day). We’ve finally heard from the insurance contractor and he’s coming by tomorrow to appraise the damage to the house. Nat’s getting a little worried, especially about the eaves troughs. The last rain fall there was considerable dripping from some of the twisted parts, and we really don’t want to get any water damage in behind the siding. So the sooner we get this done, the better Nat will feel.

This afternoon Nat decided to finally hit the basement – not literally!!! He grabbed his shop vac and went at it down there. He vacuumed floor to ceiling – and that was literally!!! As there’s exposed rafters he sucked out every little cobweb and piece of dust mite there was. And God bless him for doing that!!!

So in the meantime I decided to keep him company and worked away at setting up my gift wrapping centre. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. I’ve got plenty of room for supplies – ribbons, paper, bubble wrap, boxes and any other doodad I can gather for wrapping. It’s even better now that we’ve also got proper lighting down there. Can’t believe the difference!! Now even the grandkids can muck about down there and not feel isolated. I’ll just have to get the Nintendo game area organized a bit better.

Now if I can just get the old gray cells working and get my yearly supply of birthday cards done, I’d be laughing – and that would be physically!!

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