Come On In, The Door’s Open

Great day today. Had lots of visitors and kept us both out of trouble.

Went down to Fort Erie to get my blood work done for my appointment at St. Joe’s on Monday. Then over to the Bank to deposit that cheque from our purchase and sale. A little too early for me, but both things had to get done!!

Gail and Bonnie then came by later in the morning to drop by the sheers Gail had fixed for the front door window. Ever so thankful she did that for us. Plus they both liked the colour we had chosen for the hallway, along with the little arrangement we had on one wall. Both having that decorating flair, we also sought their advice on the mirrors we were going to hang. They confirmed our thoughts and inwardly we felt good about that!! As they had another appointment in Welland, we weren’t too sure what they would do for lunch, so we invited them to stay – as we had already fixed up some salmon for sandwiches. It was nice having the company for lunch. Plus as luck would have it I finished baking up the chocolate chip cookies made the day before, so we had something warm from the oven for dessert!

It’s always nice getting re-affirmation from people you love!!

In the afternoon our real estate agent dropped by to see what we had done with the place. She was really surprised how much we had accomplished in a month and seemed to like what we had done. Again, another nice visit and a chance to get caught up on St. Catharines news. Plus she had a chance to hear of our little adventures with a fallen tree!!

By suppertime the electrician we called came by to give us a quote on the work we think we’ll need to get done. Wasn’t as bad as first thought and turns out he can get it done relatively soon. This was the kind of news we really needed to hear. Keep the good news comin’ , baby!!!!

We then settled down to a late supper and compiled our shopping list for going to town tomorrow. We’re going to get as much of the electrical supplies – light fixtures, face plates, etc. – as we can so our newly found electrician can zip along lickity split!!!

Don’t want to jinx ‘things’ – but ‘things’ are looking up!!!

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