Help From The Elves

A nice quiet weekend – just what I like. Sunday ended up being a quiet day, also. Nat and I spent the morning puttering about downstairs. Now that most of our belongings are unpacked and sorted or stored somewhere, we decided to very quickly organize what was left down there.

Nat was trying to trace electrical wires – hither and yon – while I unpacked our VCR and cassette tapes. I wasn’t too thrilled about leaving them in their packing box as I was unsure of how hot or cold it will get down there during certain seasons. So I organized them on the extra book shelf and now the grandkids can watch an old movie, listen to tapes or play Nintendo whenever they’re over. Not that they’d be interested in old black and white movies, but hey, Bridget (who is only 10 years old) is really into Elvis Presley – and I’ve got a couple of his concerts down there. So you never know!!

As it happens, while Nat and I were downstairs some little elves came by and picked up all of the debris from that tree that fell!!! We never heard a thing, so we can only assume those tree cutters came by and finished off their job. Well done, lads!!

After doing as much as we could, and the place was looking a lot neater, we took a lunch break and then our old neighbours, the Bartletts, showed up for a visit. They indicated they’d be over, but we weren’t too sure. So it was great showing them the place and visiting for an hour or two.

So, today ended up being a very productive day. I managed to get a Raisin Loaf and Oatmeal cookies baked, along with at least getting the Chocolate Chip cookie batter mixed up and refrigerated. I’ll bake them up tomorrow. Nat, in the meantime, decided to uncreate one of our new light fixtures. He sat in the living room all quiet and peaceful, so I assumed things were going good. But, alas, there’s always a glitch. Turns out the instructions are “wonky” (aren’t they always??) and we’re not too sure which “twisted” wire or “smooth” wire they’re talking about. As it turns out we managed to get a hold of an electrician who comes highly recommended, so we decided to quiz him when he comes by to give us a quote on the rest of the house.

Even had a nice surprise in the mail – a cheque of leftover money from our lawyer on the purchase and sale!! Go figure, money from a lawyer – can’t beat that!!!!!

So far, so good – no big surprises, just production activity and good solid money!!!

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