Goin’ Down The Road

A much quieter day, today, but busy. We went for the usual groceries in the morning, did our lunch thing at Wendy’s and Tim Horton’s and then relaxed for an hour or two before heading into St. Catharines.

When we got home from lunch, however, had a message from our friends, Cecil & Floris. So we decided to head into town an hour earlier and give them a visit before hitting Costco and have a look around for a possible mirror for over the mantel. Had a great visit with the Bartletts, as we haven’t seen them since before we moved, and got caught up on any news and told them all about our little misadventures!

We then headed over to Costco and naturally spent much more than we had intended, but we’re certainly stocked up now for several months! Then over to a couple retail outlets to see what was out there for decorative mirrors. A little disappointed in what we found so we decided to wait awhile and see what else we can find down the road. This is one item we want to look great, as it’s going to be one of the first things you see when you walk into the living room. Going to do this one right!!

We had a method to our madness in going into St. Catharines, and that was doing a couple errands before we hit Swiss Chalet for supper. So we had a nice supper and headed home – Hockey Night In Canada!!

Like I said, quiet day but busy. Nice!!


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