Damn, Ooooh, Hisssss

I wrote yesterday that I didn’t want to see what “tomorrow” may bring – well I jinxed it!!! “Tomorrow” brought something!!

With every good intention in his heart and soul, Nat planned to install our new kitchen faucet this morning. First of all, he knew he had to install a shut-off valve under the sink, as there never was one and for convenience sake he knew it would be worth the effort. He did his research, made his notes, had the right tools and went at it. I stayed in the office doing book work and every now and then I could hear an “ugh”, “damn”, “oooh” “hissssss” (that would have been the blow torch for the soldering), and a couple more “grumphs” and “oughs”. Finally he called me out to check for leaks while he went downstairs to turn the water back on. Started off pretty good, but suddenly after the water started to really flow, I had to yell “Shut if off!!!!” Back and forth this went for 2 or 3 tries. He was slowly getting frustrated and mad at himself. He just couldn’t seem to get the soldering right on one of the pipes. It was an awkward set-up for him and he had to twist, turn and cock his neck into a small contortion just to reach the pipe.

After about the 4th try, I could see he was thoroughly upset with himself and just couldn’t get the leak to stop. I suggested we call a plumber and much to his chagrin, he said okay. After checking the phone book and getting a few answering machines, we finally hit on a couple. That old saying really is true – you can’t get a plumber when you need one!!! The first one we hit on, turns out “he” was never in. Apparently he just showed up in the office whenever and the secretary had no way of reaching him. She took our number and said she would have him call as soon as she could find him!!

The second one we reached turned out to be a winner. He would send someone out right away, as there were a couple of guys “in your area”. Great!! So, if the first guy could be found and just happened to call I told Nat we would just tell him we solved the problem and cancel.

We were fixing lunch when the phone rang. Nat answered. The man said he had a work order and did we need assistance. Nat told the gentleman we had solved the problem, but thanks for calling us back. I asked if that was “Wilkinson” (the first guy). He said “yes”, but really didn’t sound too sure. Starting to doubt himself, we struggled to figure out which number had called. I did a printout of calls from our fax machine, but the number didn’t match what we had written on several scraps of paper!!

I got gutsy and called that number. Turns out it was the second guy – the one we were waiting for. I apologized for the mix-up and could he still come out. Lucky for us, he had just turned up at another job and would turn around.

Naturally, once he arrived it was all of a 10 minute job – he soldered that pipe in seconds. Nat’s head shook in disbelief. The pro didn’t have to twist, turn or even cock his neck to get under the sink. He even remarked how much room we had!!!!! He, his assistant and Nat had a nice chat about what might have went wrong – a little water still in the pipes, or something along that line – and that’s why the solder wouldn’t take. He very quickly assembled the new faucet, popped it in, turned on and tested the water, and away he went. Slam, bang, thank-you Ma’am!!!! He even gave us a good referral for an electrician, which we still have to get a hold of.

Lesson learned – when you need a plumber, call a plumber!!! The new faucet works beautifully and looks pretty slick!! Now, if those tree cutter guys would just show up again and finish the mess they started, I’d be a happy camper!!!!

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