Oh My God, We’ve Been Hit!!!

6:45 AM. CRACK! BANG! THUD! Nat and I sat up in bed. Nat donned his coat and boots, and with flashlight in hand went outside to see what happened. And there it was – a tree had fallen and sideswiped our new little home. The siding was damaged, the eaves were twisted and debris everywhere. We were lucky – it just missed the windows. Any further in and we would have had company in bed!!!

After surveying the damage and talking to our neighbour, Bill, who also heard the crack and bang, Nat came back in and was beside himself. I could tell, he no longer felt this was a good move. Frustrated and angry we went over our options on what to do, who to call first and how to get through the rest of the day. As light began to appear I took a whack of photographs of the tree and the damage it caused, not only for posterity sake, but for insurance purposes.

Not knowing who actually owned the clump of trees that divided us and our neighbour beside us, we spent the rest of the morning trying to explain to the Town of Fort Erie what had happened. We were hoping this tree belonged to them and that they could help in getting rid of it. Long story short, the gentleman who was suppose to come out never showed, so we were left wondering what to do next. We managed to get a hold of our insurance company and they’d be sending someone out the next day. We were starting to feel overwhelmed, even though the damage was not severe, but this was all so new to us.

We muddled through the rest of the day and as we were fixing supper Nat noticed our neighbour beside us wandering in amongst the trees from whence our little “rotter” came from. He quickly again ran for his coat and boots and ducked under the tree and through the fence to get this man’s attention. As it turns out the trees belong to him, AND as it turns out they were due to be cut down today, but because of the high winds the tree cutters were unable to carry out the job and would (hopefully) arrive tomorrow!!! We couldn’t believe our dump luck and dumb timing on all counts!!! It also turned out that this nice neighbour would get his tree cutters to get rid of the tree now in our back yard and clear up all of the debris. He kept apologizing for what had happened, and stated he had tagged quite a few of the trees as they were dead and felt they would eventually become hazardous!!! So as it turned out we resolved our dilemma and met another neighbour in the process. Just another day in paradise!!!!

God, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow may bring – but then again, maybe not!!!

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