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I Shop, He Works

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Finally got my fix and went on a shopping trip with Bonnie. Had a great time, as usual. Somehow Bonnie and I just click when we’re shopping, and she’s always so supportive of me and understands where I’m coming from. I truly appreciate and love her for it. It was also just nice to get out of the house on my own, as I’ve not been out for several days and one can get a bit stir-crazy!!

We had a great time, both finding something we needed and liked. I also managed to pick up a few more items off of my “need to get” list from Linens ‘n Things, plus I managed to get Lucas’ birthday gift. It’s a silly thing, but buying a piece of clothing has always given me a bit of a lift. Being retired I get kind of tired dressing down all of the time, and now and again I like to get cleaned up, even if I’m going to bake that day. Maybe it’s a “Martha Stewart Thing”, but for some strange reason it makes me feel good. So today when I found a couple of new pairs of pants I immediately felt better. Since the move I’ve not had a chance to shop just for myself and I was beginning to hang out in the same pair of pants. So now that the house is finally looking pretty good, I guess I want to look the same way – and why not!!!

While I was gone Nat managed to get the cupboard under the sink straightened out. The bottom shelf was not very steady and needed stabilizing. He also managed to get a bit more of the garage sorted out. Being a warmer day today, he was able to do so comfortably and not freeze his little buns off!!! Now we can work away getting the new kitchen faucet installed, along with putting up those new light fixtures we bought. It’s been a month today that we’ve been here, and things are starting to take shape. Not without a little bit of elbow grease, either!!!


Author: Twila

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada, with 5 sisters and a brother. Now retired, my husband and I travel, play golf and am slowly renovating our new (old) home. After my kidney transplant in 1999, we've learned to enjoy life to the fullest. Nat and I have driven across Canada, taken an Alaskan cruise and drove home via the Northern United States. We've also been to Mexico, the Caribbean, the East Coast of Canada and Cape Breton. We've done the "Snowbird" thing, having lived in Destin, Florida for a couple of months of the year. In 2007 we changed our travel plans in order to move into and renovate our new "old" home, but hope to someday get back on the road again. We also love returning to Scotland (Nat's origin of birth) to visit his family and tour the Highlands and surrounding Isles.

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