Can You Quote Fiorella LaGuardia?

Getting tired of writing it, but, we went into town yesterday. We decided to go for a fish & chip supper and to make it worth our while we would go in earlier and do some shopping for light fixtures. Turns out our trip was worth the effort, despite the rainy, drizzly day that just made getting around miserable.

We found a couple of really neat fixtures for the front entranceway and the main hallway. They both will fit into the polished nickel accents on the coffee table and the television cabinet. We were also quite pleased with the savings we made, so now we’ll return to the same place and decide on what we want to do for the kitchen. We also made a little side trip downtown to get a couple of batteries put in two of our watches. That’s one of those chores you can’t be bothered doing, but can’t live without doing.

So by the time we were finished we had hit the north end of St. Catharines, the south end, the middle and the west end! Oh yes, and the fish & chips were lovely as usual thanks to Sherry at New Smilin’ Fish Company.

Today (Sunday) was so relaxing we thought we’d go nuts!! There was really no hurry in putting up the light fixtures and Nat is still nursing that sore shoulder, so we decided to just take it easy. That was more work than we anticipated. I did, however, do laundry – that was just a given, while the rest of the day was spent watching a little telly, doing the crosswords and surfing the internet. Nat’s on the hunt for a good price on a television wall mount. He’s finding these wall mounts are a bit more expensive than we had hoped for. But we know there’s one out there, somewhere, just waiting to be found!

As for the Sunday crossword? You try to remember quotes by Fiorello La Guardia!!!!


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