Do You Deliver?

Ordered the new garage door today. Kind of excited!! We’re so tired of lifting the present door by hand and struggling with it on a daily basis. We received a quote at noon hour from Regional Doors, he went home and emailed us the final figures and the estimate being lower than anticipated, we called him back within the hour and confirmed we were on board. The two prices quoted were that much lower than anticipated that we opted for the higher quality door. Couldn’t have been easier than that!! Now just the electrician to call to see what kind of surprises he’ll find around this place!! Better safe than sorry – and keep the insurance rates down!!!

We also managed to order new slippers for Nat online, and it saved us a trip into St. Catharines to wander around a whack of stores and get tired and frustrated. We found what we wanted from the brand that we know and they’ll be sent via courier with no deliver charges. Couldn’t beat that!!! I get the feeling that we may be ordering even more online now that we’re a bit further away from the major chains. We’ve done a good deal in the past, but with more and more retailers giving you extra value online and if they deliver free – then why not??

We also went for groceries this afternoon. Thought we would give ourselves Saturday morning off and do nothing. I suppose now we’ll feel like it will be Sunday, but what the hell – a little change never hurts.


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