Doodads and Oomph

Kind of a quiet day today. Nat and I spent most of it doing a couple of little things that needed doing. After going to Wal-Mart and picking up a few of those doodads, we then returned home and hung up that soap dispenser, replaced the old recycle bin, hung up that housecoat rack, and so on. All those little things you never find time for but when they’re not around you miss them!! This was the day for doing it and it worked out great.

Also finally called Regional Doors for a quote on a new garage door. He’s coming out on Friday, so we’re pleased about that. We really want to get a good garage door and opener. We really miss the one we had in St. Catharines. Now if we could just wiggle our noses and get Nat that insulated garage we’d be laughing!!!!

We’re starting to miss Florida, however. We both remarked today that we’ve lost our “oomph”. By now we’d be settled into the Condo, and checking out what was new at the Silver Sands Outlet Mall. We kind of suspect this might be a long winter for us, so hopefully we’ll take advantage and get a bit more of those little things done inside. We just need to get our “oomph” back!!

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