What Did You Do New Year’s Day?

New Year’s Day was spent painting the hallway. Nat wanted to get it done, and get it done he did. It looks spectacular if I do say so myself!!! The colour is two variations up from the living room and we thought it was going to be a little darker than anticipated. However, it turned out great – makes all of the white doors and trim “pop”, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Now the fun begins with deciding what picture to hang where.

The upstairs is now completed, except for the main bathroom, but that’s a job for later on in the year. We’ve got too many other projects to do before we tackle that one.

So today we thought we would go into St. Catharines and check out some of the carpet stores for a possible new area rug for the living room. Soon found out that that little task is going to be harder than we had anticipated – and a bit more expensive!! We found a couple of good contenders, but the size was wrong. We’ll have to rethink what we want to do – either hunt for an actual area rug in the size we want or have one cut and bound for us. Either way, it’s not going to be cheap and we may have to put this one on the back burner for a month or two, also. We’ve got a garage door we’re needing very badly, along with some wiring that needs looking at. That “List” in our back pockets is starting to make a big bulge!!

Also had a chance to go into Michael’s for some picture hanging supplies and a quick look around. Not much new yet, as they are still taking down the Christmas inventory and getting ready for spring. Guess I’ll wait until the new stuff comes in before I use the Gift Card I received for Christmas. Now that we’ve got our decorative shelf up in the hallway, I’m on the lookout for some decorative accessories. This is where I’d love to spend a day with Bonnie and just have a look around all of the possible stores we could hit – Home Outfitters, Bowrings, Bombay Company, and the like. Slowly, but surely, we’ll get it done!!

I’m also missing shopping for some clothes. Haven’t done that little trip in months and I’m starting to get bored with what I’ve got. Now and again I need a change to perk me up and lift my spirits. What woman doesn’t need a lift now and again! Living in Rigeway may be a detriment (at least for me) as I’m not just 5 minutes from the Pen Centre, but it works for Nat!!!! Bonnie – if you’re out there – I’m having withdrawal!!!!!


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