Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2008!!

Not looking too good so far!! As I’m typing this and looking out the window, it’s looking to be a cold and snowy, drizzly kind of day. But that’s just the weather – has no bearing on whether it’s going to be a happy and prosperous new year?? It’s just a good excuse to stay in, keep warm, lay back, read a good book, watch a little television or bake cookies!! Nothing like a good warm cookie straight from the oven on a cold miserable day!!

Not going to happen!! It turns out I’m getting that bloody cold back, feeling crappy on the 1st day of 2008 and have no ambition. Nat, on the other hand, is painting the hallway – the last part of upstairs that has to be done. We purchased a paint colour a shade darker than the living room and so far we’re starting to second guess ourselves. It’s looking a little darker than we had anticipated, but it’s kind of too late – Nat has most of the edging done and if we changed our minds now, we’d have to prime the whole thing over. We all know that ain’t gonna happen – Nat is so tired of painting I think he’s going to scream – and who could blame him. There’s a lot of surface area upstairs in this house! So we’ll have to finish and take it from there. In my opinion, it’s going to look nice, especially after we replace the light fixture (which at the moment does not exactly give much light, or anything else).

I’m thinking this is going to be the excitement for the day. I’m about to help Nat tape off the baseboards so he can continue and then I’ll putter – with what, not too sure!! Oh well, it’s January 1st, let’s just start off the year with a quiet bang, shall we?

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