Haunted House?

Starting to think this old house is haunted. For the past couple of days when Nat and I get up in the morning we discover that the satellite dish is “on” in the living room. Plus there’s been a couple of times where we’ve been watching a certain show and the channel will change – without the remote even being near us!! We’ve also experienced the satellite guide reloading itself, along with a couple other little annoyances. Had us puzzled, I can tell you!!!

Naturally, we called Ball, being a new customer we thought the receiver was “wonky” or I kind of suspected interference somewhere. Turns out my suspicions were right. The technician explained that someone in our area had the same set-up, so he walked us through the steps to reset the receiver and re-assign another number. We were not use to this in St. Catharines, as we lived in a semi that was above road level – the house being over the garage (and a slanted driveway). So our dish was well out of the way of any other dishes. Now being on road level I suppose we’re in with the rest of the crowd and am just one of the gang!! Hopefully now, however, the problem has been fixed! I was starting to wonder if some little crazy man was outside the house with a satellite remote wreaking havoc on our television viewing!!!

The rest of the day was spent in hanging shelves in the kitchen and living room – and looking pretty good, if I do say so!! Nat also had a chance to go over some of the wiring before we called an electrician – and naturally, we discovered that some of the plugs we thought were not working, are, in fact, working!! I swear this place is haunted – as these lights and plugs were not working when we moved in!!!!!!! At least a couple more mysteries have been solved, but we’ll still call the electrician to fix up the basement fiasco.

I’m ever so pleased that the kitchen and dining room are now finished. We’ll redo the kitchen floor down the road, but for now it’s livable.

I also had a chance to go into Fort Erie for Nat’s birthday gift. Had a nice time getting out on my own for an hour or two. Also had a nice time looking around the Canadian Tire Store for anything that was new out there. I haven’t been to a Canadian Tire Store in what seems like months, so as I said, it felt good. Now if I can only get to a good clothing store, I can satisfy my major craving!!!

Nat and I are going into Niagara Falls tomorrow. Going to get the paint for the hallway as Nat is anxious now to get that done. While we’re in that area, we might as well take our “list” and go to whatever other stores we need to. I must admit my little list is getting longer by the day – and I’m sure I’ve even forgotten one or two items. Oh well, si la vie we’ll just have to do it all over again!!


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