Merry Christmas!!

Christmas has come and gone for another year. Nat and I had a very quiet one which we enjoyed immensely. We sort of missed being close in proximity to everyone – the travel time (a half hour each way) took some getting use to – but we managed. We especially enjoyed going to Susan and Laura’s homes in the morning to watch the kids open their presents. Plus it looked like everyone made out like bandits this year, gift wise!! It was definitely a “techie” Christmas and the kids were lovin’ it!!!

Nintendo DS, Wii, iPods, Guitar Heros – all the latest gizmos, games and gadgets were received with glee and very rapidly opened and played with abandon. Smiles all around.

Nat and I both were out of bed and on the road by 8:00 to get to Laura’s, then off to Susan’s for an hour or two. All four grandchildren were pleased with everything they received and the adults were kept busy getting wrapping paper, boxes and ribbons out of the way of all the stuff that suddenly dispersed across their living room floors!! After Susan’s we took that half hour drive home, grabbed a bite to eat, and then cooked up some mashed potatos to take to Claudia’s (our contribution to supper). On the road by again by 3:00 to head into St. Catharines and a great supper and visit with the rest of the gang (otherwise my side of the family). It also looked like everyone there, too, had a great Christmas – and again more gizmos, gadgets and (egad!) clothing!! Naturally the time flew all too fast and we had to hit the road again for home.

Had a chance at Claudia’s, however, to play with the Wii. Tyler and Zach were in the family room playing tennis and golf with great zest and after supper everyone gathered around to watch a few of us adults take turns bowling and playing tennis. Not a tennis lover, but loved the bowling game!! Told Nat we’ll have to pick up a game console so we can practice our golf game during the winter months in this little town!! Had a great time and we do thank everyone for their hospitality and great food. Afterall that’s what Christmas truly is to me!

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