So Ya Want The Tour?

We had a lovely visit with Thamazine, Daryl, Zach and Zoe last night. It was great seeing them and giving them the tour of this new old house. I was only sorry I didn’t have the Nintendo set up for the kids, but I’m sure I will next time they come around.

Most of Saturday was otherwise spent relaxing, believe it or not. We’ve managed to get the bulk of the place cleaned up and presentable, so after going out for lunch we headed downtown to the drug store and in our travels came across a gorgeous little candy shop – P’aint Life Grand – and naturally had to have a look around and buy a little something!! This is a great little treasure in Town that I’m sure Nat will be sorry we discovered!!

So today we made an attempt to get into our usual Sunday routine. I did laundry and baked while Nat replaced the locks and bolts on the doors (no, that one’s not a usual Sunday routine, but had to be done). I even managed to get a couple of pictures hung in the dining room. Quite pleased with myself, thank-you very much!! All in all it was a pretty good weekend compared to the ones we’ve had this past month, and hopefully the rest will now be just a nice!

We’re now sort of in the Christmas spirit and am looking forward to going to Gail’s for Christmas Eve and to the kids’ homes Christmas morning to watch them unwrap their gifts. Then we’ll be off to Claudia’s for Christmas supper. Can’t wait for that one either!!!! Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas everyone!

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