My God, How Many Rooms Are There?

Thought maybe we would both relax today, but we knew that wasn’t going to happen. As Nat had to go to town on business and was going to be awhile, I decided to clean. And clean I did. I cleaned the bathroom, including the tub surround (inside and out), the bedroom, the office, the dining room, the living room and the kitchen. I then proceeded to wash floors – and before I knew it I realized there was more flooring in this house than I had bargained for!!!! Along with the kitchen and living room, there is an extensive and wide hallway, but I managed to get it all done. As we were still unpacking and putting things away, I had delayed this mega-task for some time thinking I might as well do it once the majority of items were put away. So today turned out to be that day! And I feel great about the whole process. It’s always nice to have a fresh and clean slate!!

After Nat came home we decided to get groceries today, rather than our usual Saturday morning. We figured as this was the holiday weekend and the stores would be even more zoo-like on Saturday, that we would get it done a day earlier. We needed quite a few things this time around and headed home to put our feet up.

So now we’ve both have Saturday and Sunday to ourselves. Nothing really important to be done – maybe hang a picture or two?? A rest well earned in my opinion!!

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