We’re Not Alone, Dear

Yesterday and today were pretty much spent, again, getting a bunch of little stuff done around the house. I organized the two dresser drawers we now have – “His and Hers” – while Nat organized a bit of the garage (as best he could in the cold) and a bit of downstairs. It’s finally starting to look “empty” down there and that’s a good thing!!

Today we did more of the same – Nat and I finished organizing the dining room, along with bringing up the rest of the photo boxes for the cabinet in the office. Then this afternoon our old neighbour, Nick, dropped in. Being a good locksmith and all-round handyman, we wanted his opinion on the weird wiring in this place, along with rekeying all of the locks. So we had a really nice visit and had a chance to get caught up on the news in the neighbourhood. Not much news these days, as everyone on the block is pretty much “newbies”. It was just nice seeing someone from the outside. There have been days when we feel like we’re pretty much alone here, and hopefully that will change with time. Our neighbour behind us seems like a really friendly fellow and has introduced himself, but he being a “youngun” and still working we probably won’t see too much of him. Besides, he’s got at least 15 years on us!! He’s already told us he’s the baby of the neighbourhood!!

Summer is just around the corner and I’m sure we’ll get to know more people around us. Plus maybe by then we’ll have seen some of our family. So far no one, except Claudia, has been by to see us and you kind of get that ‘lost and forgotten’ feeling. Sounds like a good country and western tune – twang, twang!!!


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