Our First Visitor – NOT!

Nat and I had our first little visitor today – and I do mean “little”. I discovered a wee field mouse in the kitchen this afternoon. We went down to Fort Erie this morning to renew the vehicle plates for the Van, to check out where the MDS Lab and Bank were and to get a couple of items at Sobeys. So I suppose the little guy had to have snuck in while we were getting in or out of the garage. 

Now normally I hate mice, with a passion!!!! However, after spotting this little guy, I realized he didn’t look like a regular “house mouse”, as he appeared so much smaller and had bigger ears. My yell must have scared him as he hid behind the patio drapes and just sat in the little grooves of the patio door – and he didn’t appear to be really afraid of us. When Nat came to see what the bother was we just sort of stood there trying to determine what to do without having any mouse traps on hand. I grabbed a box from the garage and put some peanut butter in it and we then cornered the little guy, lured him into the box, closed it up and released him out the driveway. He scurried across the road so fast it wasn’t funny. He at least had a chance to grab a bite to eat before he ran off over the snow and into the woods.

So that was our excitement for the day – and we can only hope that little guy will be the first and last. But we all know that ain’t gonna to be true!!!

We got on with our day and Nat finally installed the light above the kitchen sink, while I put away all of our CDs and collectibles in their respective cabinets. Except for hanging some pictures and wall mounting the TV, I do believe our living room may be done!! Finally a light at the end of the tunnel!!


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