Whooaa, Where Did That Come From!

Well!! The good folks of Fort Erie and Ridgeway certainly weren’t wrong in stocking up. Man oh man, did we get hit!! Along with the rest of the Province we’re snowed in, and snowed in good!! Nat and I were ever so thankful we didn’t have to go anywhere today. We stayed in, hung the rest of the drapes, organized the bedroom and hallway closets and finished off a lot of little things that needed doing. 

We’re starting to be ever so pleased with the way things are turning out. I suppose all of the emotional and physical stress were worth it in the end – but at the time you really don’t see your way out. We’re now down to the finishing touches – except Nat’s garage, of course. Just too cold to work out there yet. But I know he’s anxious to get going. So I suppose we’re done pretty good for the first couple of weeks after moving in!!

During everything else I managed to do a whack of laundry – and, again, I’m so glad the laundry is on the main floor with the linen closet right behind. I hardly had to move a step to put things away!! Yes, I think this little new nest of ours is going to work out pretty good. With time and a little money we’ll be able to get the bathroom renovated, the downstairs organized and the garage set up.

So I’ll try to get the rest of the Christmas presents wrapped tomorrow – can only assume the snow is going to stay a day or two and I might as well stay in, keep warm and accomplish a task or two. Afterall, you know what they say about “idle hands”!!


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