So, What Was The First Clue??

So, have you ever visited a grocery store in Fort Erie just before a huge storm is predicted? Well, Nat and I had just that experience this morning. The good folks in this neck of the woods certainly know how to prepare and we were kind of sorry we interrupted their flow by just having a few little items in our grocery cart!!! It was like that ad on TV for the Visa pay card where the woman decides to pay with actual cash (God, forbid) and interrupts the flow of traffic. 

The cashiers minding the tills were working fast and furious, the grocery carts were full and the line-ups were long. But with a smiling face (they could tell we were newbies) they checked us out and told us to have a nice day!! Do you think they know something we don’t????

In our defence, we’ve just moved into town, have already pretty much stocked up on groceries and supplies and we’re good to go for quite a few days!

We’ve also had the chance to check into the local pharmacy, introduce ourselves, explain our medical histories and get acquainted with their new set-up. The Pharmacist was really nice – has been here 30 years – and we were pleased with that “small town” welcome he gave us. So we walked on to the Post Office, bought some stamps and headed home. The new folks in town even had a chance to help a lady over the snow and ice that had accumulated on the curb in order to get to her car!!

Later on that afternoon we headed to Niagara Falls for Shawn’s birthday and had a chance to see Susan, Tom, Laura, the grandkids, Shawn’s mom and grandmother and his sister, Paula. All in all it was a nice time and we were kind of glad to talk to “other” people besides ourselves!!! We love our new home, but not a lot of people to talk to on our little corner of town!!

A warm and fuzzy feeling today, despite the bitter cold and wind. If we do get snowed in on Sunday we’ll be warm and safe – the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!!!!

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