Is It Over Yet?

The stress just keeps hangin’ on. On Sunday had to “go into town” to Home Depot. We needed a whack of little stuff – dryer vent, towel rack, paper towel holder, light fixture and such – so we could complete some more of those piddly little tasks that keep turning up.

Then we returned home to start on those piddly little tasks. Nat will tell you, however, that it was no small feat and, naturally nothing went well for him – the dryer vent was too long and had to be adjusted and both appliances are in such a tight spot he struggled to get behind them. Then he tore part of the vent and had a difficult time getting the proper fit. Then we both struggled to get the washer and dryer back into their little cubby holes. He was so tired and sore after that I think he wanted to scream. Meanwhile I was still unpacking what hopefully was the last of the kitchen boxes. Being a whole new set-up I had a hard time trying to find the proper place for everything. So I did what I could and told myself I would finish on Monday. We both took sleeping pills that night to hopefully get some desperately needed sleep.

Monday morning started off really bad. We both felt we had gotten some sleep, but for some reason I was still struggling, and, not remembering why, but we started to yell at each other. I guess I just needed a really good cry and that’s what it came down to. I even admitted to Nat that I didn’t want to be here anymore!!! This place is taking its toll on us – all of those little tasks are starting to mount up and we’re both unable to handle it physically. So we wiped away the tears and tried to get on with our day.

Looking back on the day we managed to get quite a bit accomplished. Nat was in the garage for hours dismantling and tearing down boxes and trying to get some things cleared away in order to get the Van all the way in. After that he spent the rest of the day tackling some more of those “piddly little tasks” – hanging up the towel rack, putting on the new shower head, the sink aerators, the paper towel rack, adjusting the washer and dryer for level and trying to figure out the weird electrical outlets in this place. I finally managed to get the pantry organized and everything put away. So now the kitchen is 99.9% complete. Thank God!!!!

Tomorrow I’m hoping Nat and I can go to Canadian Tire to get some more things off of our “laundry list” and then I can tackle the task of organizing the linen closet. Plus we’ve still got our Christmas shopping to do, which is a whole new ball of wax!!!! So HO HO HO to you!!!!!!

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