Push Me, Pull Me

Despite the fact that we had an extremely busy day yesterday and I came home tired, sore and still fighting this cold, I managed to get up well before my usual time. Nat was even up and gone by the time I awoke, so I can only assume he left for the new house well before 7:00 a.m. to get the final touches done.

Tuesday we headed over with a laundry list we didn’t think was that long. We had to put the final coat of paint on the wainscotting, steam clean the rugs, assemble the stereo unit from Ikea and generally clear the hallway of cleaning products, boxes and supplies. While Nat was doing the fireplace, I finished priming the wainscotting in the kitchen. Then he moved over to finish the wainscotting in the living room, while I put away some items we had brought with us. We broke for lunch (took the time to drive further down the road to the Tim Hortons and Wendy’s) and returned to vacuum and steam clean the rugs in the office, master bedroom and dining room. By this time it was getting to be mid-afternoon, we were both very tired and couldn’t decide whether to head over to Linens ‘n Things to purchase the drapes that we were going to need, or assemble the stereo stand. We felt it best to assemble the stereo stand, as the floor space was available, and we all know you have to spread out all those little doodads, boards and whatnots that Ikea love to supply you with!!!

The stereo stand went together better than we had anticipated!! Over time and with some heated debate we’ve managed to put together quite a few Ikea units and am now getting good at working as a team. The unit is going to fit in quite well with our coffee and end table in the living room and we’re quite pleased at our find.

By this time we were extremely tired – my body ached all over from bending, stretching, pushing, pulling, lifting and shifting – and we just wanted to go home, get a bite to eat and put our feet up. So we decided to skip Linens ‘ n Things and we would try and get there on Thursday sometime!! Please keep in mind that Thursday is our actual moving day, our timing has been completely off on this whole ordeal and our luck has also been in the tank – so we can only hope that we’ll complete this task on that day!! Otherwise our first night in this new home will be a “light” one!!

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