It’s A Done Deal

This morning we signed the final documents for the sale of this house and it’s feeling a little surreal. We keep having our own little “reality” shows. When we’re in St. Catharines we have certain feelings and emotions, when we’re in Ridgeway another set of feelings and emotions set in and then while we’re “out and about” doing errands, business, etc. we’re kind of detached from the whole affair. Having your life and routine “up in the air” for a certain length of time can be disarming to say the least.  The next few days are now the home stretch and hopefully by the weekend that “up in the air” feeling will dissipate!! 

Nat and I are both very anxious and impatient people. We like to get things done on time, never be late for appointments and always try to keep things neat and tidy. For for the most part these past couple of months have been frustrating, aggravating, a little disorienting and on a day or two very elating (is there such a word?). There have been several days where we both felt like we were walking through a tunnel and couldn’t see the end of it. Needless to say we’ll both be glad if we can see our way to Christmas!

Getting away from the psycho therapy thing – Nat is back at the house this afternoon trying to get those last two rooms painted. I’m home doing the laundry thing and getting caught up on book work and will possibly try to assemble a stereo unit!! Yes, I’ve done it before and I can do it again!!



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