Jeese! That Mural’s Ugly!

5 days and counting. We’ve finished a couple of pretty productive days. Friday was spent painting – Nat had to remove a mural from one wall in the office and that took quite a bit of time, and thank goodness it was only one wall!! Then he had to prep that wall and get it ready for priming. After helping him remove that mural, as best I could, I then started to prime the wainscotting in the living room, so Nat would have one less thing to do. I also managed to take a trip to Wal-Mart for some shelf liner and other doodads for organizing the kitchen and then finished that task once I got back. The kitchen is my main focus right now, and I’ve managed to even unpack a couple of boxes and get some stuff put away. So between the two of us we managed to finish off Friday with some pretty good “elbow grease”.

I also had my first opportunity of experiencing one of those infamous Fort Erie blizzards – albeit a short one, thank God. As I was headed out the door from Wal-Mart you could see that white stuff just a blowin’ around the parking lot and that wind just a howlin’. Couldn’t help but wonder how I was even going to get to the van, but I did. I took it easy going down the highway, almost missed the streets I needed to turn onto, but managed to find my way home. Naturally, by the time I arrived the bloody storm had stopped and the sun came out!!! Oh well, that little experience was enough to remind me how tense things can get in those situations, so I suppose it was good practice. And naturally, Nat was a little worried once the mini-blizzard had started and I wasn’t home yet.

Today Nat was still painting – he’s on his last two rooms – and I managed to get a couple more boxes unpacked and put away. I then started to help Nat prime the wainscotting in the kitchen before we headed for home, as we had a couple of errands in St. Catharines to complete. I was unpacking the accessories to the stove and discovered that they may have shipped us the wrong grill top, so we felt we should at least get that exchanged before it got too late. We had also decided to pick up the rug cleaner from Bonnie so we could get started on those rugs that were now ready to be cleaned. So we headed for home. Besides, it’s Hockey Night in Canada night!!!!

Had a mini visit with Bonnie when we went to pick up the steam cleaner. Like me, she’s all stuffed up with a bad cold and when we arrived she was all curled up in her comfy chair watching TV. Good night for it, actually, as it was bloody cold out there. We had just come from Murphy’s Restaurant in Port Dalhousie and it was freezing down by the lake. So by the time we had reached Bonnie’s, her little nest was looking pretty inviting. So keep warm, Bonnie and get better soon!!


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