Things Just Keep Getting Better

We’re cookin’ with gas now, baby!! Finally received our new gas stove, dishwasher and microwave today. They were a little late in delivery, but it was worth it. Having a dishwasher now just excites me to no end!!!! I won’t have to wash every little mis en place bowl or prep dish when I’m baking. 

The new TV was also delivered today and I’m guessing it’s kind of aggravating for Nat to watch the hockey game tonight on that little TV downstairs, while knowing there’s a beautiful new one waiting for him at the new place. But his time will come and he’ll enjoy all those playoff games on the new set.

So we had an exciting day today. We both went over to the new place and we both accomplished a lot. Nat has now finished painting the living room, kitchen and master bedroom, and will be working on the dining room tomorrow. While waiting for the guy to install the appliances, he managed to get the edging done in the dining room, so now he should be pretty set for tomorrow.

In the meantime, I had my chance to paint, which I haven’t been able to do in years. I wanted to have the pantry in our new kitchen painted, so I took on the task myself. Plus I also washed down every cabinet and drawer, so now I feel better. I suppose I should have washed me down while I was at it, as I had just as much paint on me as I did in the pantry. Things are now clean and fresh and I can start organizing tomorrow when we go back.

We also had our very first visitor to the new place. Claudia dropped by while she was in the area on calls and had a chance to eat her lunch before she was off for her next appointment. It really sounds like she liked the place and she saw it before the appliances were in. Can’t wait for the rest of the gang to see it. Nat and I are starting to feel like we’re accomplishing something as we’re now starting to see the fruits of our labour. Goes to show, a little hard work can reap plenty of rewards!!!


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