Hook Us Up, We’re Comin’ to Town

9 days and counting. Woke up this morning just feeling bloody crappy. This cold has now set in and has gripped my throat and I can’t talk. Some people will think that’s a good thing !! Needless to say, I stayed home while Nat went back to the new house to continue his painting. He’s finished the kitchen and is now working on the living room, so he feels he’s making pretty good headway. He still has his work cut out for him as the living room has more cathedral ceilings, so he’s up and down two size ladders to get the job done, while holding a gallon of paint!!! I’m now feeling guilty that I can’t help him out, but he insists he’s doing okay, so I have to trust him.

As for me, once I got up and going I was able to get some more phoning done. Had to contact some utility companies to let them know we were coming to town, along with setting up our house inspection for insurance purposes. After that was done we received word from Sony that the new TV would be arriving on the 29th. The new stove, dishwasher and microwave were to be delivered tomorrow, but after giving Nickerson’s a call, it turns out they kind of forgot about us and will have everything delivered on the 29th, too. It probably all works out for the best, as it will give Nat more time to get some painting done with a clear room.

The excitement is starting to build again. Can’t wait to use the new gas stove and even sit back and watch the new hi-def TV all curled up in our chairs beside the fireplace. When I go to bed at night I start to visualize how we’ll arrange the furniture, and make a bit of a “wish list”, but then I wake up and promptly can’t remember what was on that list!! Si la vie!!!


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