Needing A Reality Check

Just got back from the new place around 4:00 pm. Had a good and productive day at least. Nat managed to get the Kitchen primed and I managed to get some windows, screens and doors cleaned. Nat had a major task at priming the kitchen, as the house has “cathedral” ceilings and it was a real chore trying to reach up there with his ladder. He managed to get it done, despite my fears, and even with just the primer, the kitchen is looking like new already. So he’s ready for the main colour which he should get done tomorrow.

Nat and I are so ingrained in our routines that it’s hard for us to imagine living in any other place but this St. Catharines home. We’re both still in a sort of daze and at times have to have a reality check. The new stove, dishwasher and microwave are being delivered on Wednesday, so we’re excited about that. Hopefully once we start to get actual household appliances and furniture in the place we’ll be even more excited. Right now it just feels like we’re cleaning someone else’s home!!

He’s back there tomorrow while I take a breather – woke up with a sore throat this morning – and do some more telephoning. Now have to let the new utility companies know we’re in town. Don’t want to neglect our financial duties before we even get moved in, do we???


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