Yeah, The New Guy’s Alright

10 days and counting. Nat spent most of Sunday at the new house. He had to get sanding and other prep work done before he could start painting. We have to get the kitchen painted ASAP as the new stove, dishwasher and microwave are being delivered and installed on Wednesday. He’s also been repairing some minor picture holes, etc. in the rest of the house.

Just to add to our list of “Things Going Wrong”, before he left to come home, he pulled out the old dishwasher so he could clean behind and forgot there was water in the hoses or drains (whatever) and he had a wee flood he had to contend with!! Naturally not having any cleaning supplies or mops over there yet, he used quite a bit of paper towels to get things cleaned up. So he naturally came home tired and frustrated.

As I stayed home to get caught up on some minor things around here, I decided to cook a turkey breast for supper, which hopefully perked him up a little bit.

As for this past Saturday – the hockey game was going so badly that Nat got a bit peeved and turned the channel. I couldn’t believe it!!! So we ended up watching the latest James Bond flick, “Casino Royale“, which turned out to be really, really good. It was just too bad we had to watch it on that little TV!! Not being a “Bond” fan since Sean Connery gave up the role, I was hesitant on this new guy, but he put his own spin on it and it worked for me!!!! Plus the movie had more “guts” to it and a good story line.

So this morning Nat’s got his annual physical, then we’re both headed over to Ridgeway. Nat to paint and I’m going to clean cupboards, windows, screens and the like. So hopefully it should be a productive day.

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