Jeese! He Was A Do It Yourselfer!!

14 days and counting. At last! We got the keys to our new little home on Friday morning. We were surprised the deal closed so early, but all the better. So we grabbed a bite to eat and headed over there in the afternoon to survey the place and determine what we would need for “tweeking”, painting or just plain cleaning.

Naturally there’s always more to find after a home has been cleared out, and find we did. It looks like the man of the house was a “do it yourselfer” and left quite a few little jobs unfinished. At least they’re not major, major jobs and hopefully Nat can get most of them sorted out. Plus there’ll be the requisite cleaning – cupboards, windows, nooks and crannies – but overall the place wasn’t too, too bad. There’ll certainly be lots there to keep us busy for a few days, plus a few little projects down the road to make the place “our own”.

Now I’m excited! Some of the tension has been eased – and I’m looking forward to decorating and (like I’ve said before) putting our own little touches on the place. A new beginning …

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