Our New Money Pit

14 days and counting. Today was spent getting things straightened out – the Bank and the TV. Hopefully we’re now good to go on all fronts!!

Had to buy a new TV, however. Couldn’t be helped, but at least we were able to downsize to a newer LCD model and something that can be wall-mounted in the future should we so desire. We were use to a wall-mounted TV in the Condo we rented in Florida, and we were really impressed. Makes for a lot more floor space!!

This whole ordeal has cost us way more than we ever anticipated and it’s been frustrating, aggravating and tense at times. I suppose the ball started to roll once it was discovered that the furnace had to be up-dated sooner than we had ever anticipated. We’re not sorry that we’ve bought this home, but we’re now pretty certain this will be our home for the rest of our lives!! Nat and I both believe they’ll have to carry us out!!

The new home deal should close tomorrow and hopefully we can get the keys sometime before the close of business. Nat plans to head over to the new place first thing Saturday morning – he’s extremely anxious to get the sanding done so he can paint. We’re excited about some of the new colours we’ve picked out – a bit different from what we have in our present home. Plus I’m still going to bed thinking of how we’ll place our furniture, etc.

As much as I’m anxious to see the new place on Saturday, sadly I’m attending a funeral. Going to post a special little tribute to Gordon after doing this posting. So I’ll head over with Nat on Sunday, along with my bucket of cleaning supplies to see what I can do to help. Maybe he’ll trust me with a paint brush or something!!

On another note, stopped in to Laura and Shawn’s last night. Picked up the Christmas cards we had ordered from a school campaign, and took the time to visit as we hadn’t seen any of them for quite sometime. Karly did extremely well on her first term at high school – got an 89. She’s a little worried about next term as her subjects are going to be a bit tougher. We all know she’ll pull through them with flying colours. She’s pretty disciplined when it comes to her school work, so we have ever confidence in her. Can’t wait to have all of the grandkids over to the new place to show them around!!

So, let the games begin!!!


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