We’re Sorry, That Item Is No Longer Available

15 days and counting. I have to admit I was wrong in one of my last postings, to say that the ice cream melting all over the freezer and floor was our “third” thing. Our “third” thing has now happened today.

We’ve heard from Sony and Yes, that blue picture tube thingy we needed really is not available because they don’t make our TV anymore!! That’s all fine and dandy, but what does anyone else do that also has the same make and model TV as us when (God forbid) something goes wrong? These are 52″ screen TVs and it’s a shame just to sit them on the curb and have the City come and get them! Can you just picture a couple of garbage workers trying to lift that sucker and sling it into the back of that truck?? It really is becoming a throw away society and the consumer is paying for it. This TV is only 5 years old and I realize the life span of a lot of technology today isn’t what it use to be – but jeez louise, 5 years!!!! My HP laptop is older than that and, mind you, it’s really, really slow – but it’s still chuggin’ away !! I’m still shaking my head over this one.

So now we’ll probably be in the market for a new television – just another expense we really didn’t need at this particular moment in time!!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow may bring!!

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