“Honey, Can You Come Down Here?”

17 days and counting. So far today hasn’t been too, too bad. We managed to get the part number from RK Enterprisess for the television and Nat called Sony to express our disappointment and to hopefully put them on the hunt for this elusive part. They asked that we fax them the bill of sale, work order and part number and that they would get back to us within 24 to 48 hours. And yet we’ll wait some more!!

But wait – it gets better! This morning we couldn’t get our “you know whats” in gear and after doing the fax thing we had a bite to eat. Then Nat decided this afternoon he’ll go out and clean up the yard before the rains come. The leaves are finally starting to fall and he thought he would get them picked up while it’s still dry. He goes downstairs to get his gear – coat, boots, leaf blower, etc. – when I hear a little voice coming from down there “Can I get your help?“. Thinking he needed help to move some boxes or something in order to get to his gear, I went to see what was the matter. When I get down there he’s on his hands and knees by the freezer and all I see is the carpet runner turned upside down and a rusty looking liquid all over the floor.

Turns out he left the box of ice cream out over night on the freezer and it had dripped down the side and all over the floor. Luckily it missed the carpet runner and only ran underneath it. Chocolate Ripple goo everywhere. He was wiping down the carpet runner and I grabbed the mop and started to mop up. I had to laugh. I told him “If this is all it is, we’re laughin’ ” This was now our “third” thing gone wrong and we’re hopefully home free for awhile.

So we’re going to stay put this afternoon, do a couple of chores and then sit down in front of the oh so cute little TV again tonight. I’m starting to believe I need a new prescription for my glasses. I have to literally get out of my easy chair and bend forward to at least read the satellite guide, or have Nat read it to me. I also can’t believe how much agonizing I’m putting into this TV thing – but it’s frustrating after you’ve been spoiled by a larger screen. The little TV was so much better in the bedroom, where it’s a smaller room and it sat on top of the dresser so much closer to one’s eyes. In the family room, because of our satellite set-up we can only move the little TV as close as the cables will allow. Nat’s even moved his recliner closer, but if he gets too close then he’ll start to get a little toasty in front of the fireplace!!!

Sony had better call quick – we’re now getting a little teed off (to say the least) about a bloody little picture tube that “is not available”. Nat even said they could rip it out of someone else’s TV – at this point he doesn’t care!!

So I suppose we’ll do the trip to the grocery store for some more Chocolate Ripple – Nat’s only sweet treat once in awhile. At least it’s on sale this week. I know this because I saw it in one of the flyers while watching hockey Saturday night. See, there was a good thing that at least came out of getting our Friday paper on Saturday!!! Good things really do come to those who wait!!


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