Laughing Is Good For The Soul

18 days and counting. This week should be a relatively busy one. The Bank one day, the lawyer another, the gas guy to fix the meter, hopefully trying to get that part from Sony and some more packing.

Nat dismantled the surround sound stereo system. Had to take all of those wires out that were strung through the false ceiling in the family room and then pack up all of the components we’re not presently using. That kept him busy for an hour or so while I finished off laundry this morning. Wanted to bake some bread, too, but I lost my oomph. Instead we finished off what we were doing and kind of took it easy this afternoon.

The “little TV” set-up is getting frustrating. We’re so not use to a little screen again and watching the Leafs play last night was really frustrating. Nat said he couldn’t even see the puck!! Hell, I couldn’t read the satellite guide when it came up – even with my glasses on!!!! God, Sony better have this tube. We really don’t want to get into having to buy another TV just yet. We would like to get a new LCD or Plasma, but we were looking down the road a year or two. Plus the timing is really lousy right now, financially!!!

Getting back to the moving bit – Nat is anxious to get painting. He’s getting his paint supplies ready and I’m sure we’ll be heading over to the new place this Saturday, once we get the keys. We’ve at least pretty much decided on colours, so that little chore is done. As Nat likes to be a participant in these things, it can get a little “testy” sometimes. He’ll see colours one way, while I see them another – but this time it went relatively smooth, as we were both on the same plane!!

Nat was talking to Jenny in England at noon. The weather is starting to get really cold now, and it sounds like shes holding up alright ever since Robert’s death. I think this Christmas might be a difficult one for her, but I’m sure her kids will keep her busy. The lower long distance rates have really been a godsend for Nat, as it’s so much easier just to call Jenny. He can talk for as long as he wants and it’s only pennies a call now. (God, I sound like an ad for a long distance carrier!!!). Jenny also gets a kick out of it, as the news is recent and not always a couple weeks old, like a letter would have been.

He was telling her that we would be mailing our Christmas cards early this year. We’ve put our new address in them, and as some of the Galloways and Edingtons send their cards early, we knew we would have to beat them to the punch so they would at least get our new address. I’m going to also have to send some of my cards early to those “Northern” Rouses. Some of this stuff is taking its toll on my brain – I have to keep remembering what to do before we leave and what to do after we get there!!!

Well, another evening of half decent TV – Cold Case, Shark , Law & Order, CI – provided we can work everything around those bloody football games. God the networks should NOT be allowed to broadcast them during prime time viewing hours!!! Sunday nights are the worst this season!! At least we’ve got satellite and can work our shows around the time zones – but I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t. I’m back to enjoying Law & Order: CI now that Chris Noth is back to doing every other show. He’s got that “attitude” that I love in a good cop show. Now if they would just lay off some of those violent bloody scenes I’d be a happy camper.

Also really loving Men In Trees. Can’t get enough of that show. For once there’s a show on that is serious and funny all at the same time. Yea, I know it’s a “chick flick”, but even Nat’s been laughing at quite a few scenes. And we all know that a good laugh is good for the soul!!!

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