It’s A Jungle Behind There!

And yet the fun just keeps comin’. For our excitement today, and because there really wasn’t a whole lot we could do, we decided to label all (and I do mean ALL) of the cables and wires running between the TV and all of its components!! Never realizing that there would be well over a dozen (yes, that’s over 12) cables and wires running between the TV, the Satellite receiver, the DVD player, the VCR, the stereo Receiver, the turntable and all four speakers for the surround sound, we felt we really should do this labeling thing!!!! We both recognize the fact that we are not “stereo/audio” technology geeks, and also recognizing the fact that our memories always seem to fail us just when it comes to connecting these things back up, labeling just seemed to make sense.

I grabbed a whack of labels (the sticky kind) from the office, and with magic marker in hand, down we went to the stereo cabinet. Of course, we first had to clear away the dozens and dozens of boxes that have now accumulated behind the built-in cabinet and dig our way around all the other crap that also got piled up in that corner. But we found our way into this thing, got the back door opened and away we went.

Meticulously Nat would tell me which cable he was disconnecting – “from TV – Red, Blue, Yellow – Video In” and then which cable it would lead to “to DVD – Red, Blue, Yellow – Video Out” (or something along those lines). We would then take that label and attach it to its corresponding end of each cable. I ask you, does this not sound like a really exciting Saturday afternoon? Surprisingly enough we kept our heads about us and our sense of humour in tact!!!

Now in order to keep things very organized we grabbed one of those boxes we had stacked up and labeled it “TV Cables” and marked it for the “Living room”. That way when “Larry the Satellite Guy” comes to hook up our new satellite system, we should have everything at least in one box. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could do the whole thing while he was there???? Hmmmm, do ya think???

We even managed to keep the little temporary TV we’ve got set up in tact. Not to be a gloomy guss about it, but I was sure that (knowing us) we’d pull one of those suckers and then Nat would go to watch the hockey game tonight and not get any reception. But, we didn’t – so we’re good to go. And I can tell, ’cause from where I’m now sitting in the office, I can hear the TV downstairs going. (Nat sometimes keeps it turned up “just a wee bit”).

This little task just took us the better part of an hour – so our reward was to go back to the Living Room and read Friday’s newspaper. Yes, I said “Friday” – for some reason the little paper guy just forgot about us last night and we never received our Friday paper. So we had to call The Standard this morning and let them know. So while waiting for Friday’s paper to arrive, we did Saturday’s crossword!!

Turns out that the fliers we normally read on Friday night for any possible grocery savings on Saturday morning were all for naught. I guess on the bright side, I’ve at least got some fliers to look at while the hockey game is on tonight.

Like I said “the fun just keeps comin’ “.


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