Start The Car!! Start The Car!!

This week is just getting crappier as it goes on. We decided to take a trip to Ikea to check out a possible stereo table/stand for our surround sound components. We’re going to need something in the new place and Nat found a unit we both liked in their catalogue. So away we went and lo and behold we found something even better and will go perfectly with the coffee and end tables we had purchased at Saks Furniture a couple years back. Plus it was $80.00 cheaper than the one we saw in the catalogue. We grabbed all the components we needed in the warehouse, I grabbed my supply of napkins and down the QEW we sailed. Two happy campers!!

We get home and there’s a message on our machine to call the TV repairman. Turns out he was going to be in the area this afternoon and he could swing by our place. Sounded good so far, right.

Well once he’s in the door – and this is where that $65.00 service call kicks in – he promptly tells us “it doesn’t look good”. He’s not even looked at this thing yet and already he’s got it in the scrap yard – but I can only assume it’s from what I told the office when I initially called.

He checks it out and confirms his suspicions – a blown tube. But it gets better – turns out he ‘s pretty sure we won’t find this particular part anywhere!! And to use his exact words “This part is not available“. Nat repeats what he says. Nope, not available anywhere. But this Sony TV is only 5 years old!! Nope not available anywhere!!! He’s going to get the part number and will call it into us so we can try and see if Sony can find it – yeah, like that’s going to happen!!! Seems, however, this is going to be our only hope. Plus he may not be able to get back to us until Monday – he’s two weeks behind in his service calls and he’s trying as hard as he can to get caught up. Could it get any worse???

We’ve had the bedroom television set up and have been watching that for the past couple of nights, but Nat’s back is not in the best of shape for laying half “discombobulated” on the bed. He’s very frustrated and this has just made his stress level go through the roof. It’s also now a whole whack of expenses we really didn’t want at this particular time. We’ve already had to buy that “surprise” furnace, and now this!!!

So, in order to at least make him somewhat comfortable in the family room where he can use his nice big easy chair – we set up the bedroom TV downstairs. Of course, both of us not being technical when it comes to stereo, satellite, DVD and VHS components, we struggled a little bit getting everything hooked up. We realized it was just a matter of disconnecting the Sony TV cables and connecting them to the Toshiba TV but we also want to be able to use the DVD player. Because the cable wouldn’t reach our little temporary table we had to eliminate the main DVD player and hook up the bedroom one – only adding to the confusion and adding a couple more cables to the already mess we have down there. Trust me, any sane person would not have wanted to be in that room at that particular moment in time. Nat and I seem to talk in cross-sentences, as my whole family will attest to – and it was starting to get ugly!!! Simple, I said, just disconnect from one TV and connect to the other!!! Trust me, it went on from there!!!!

All-in-all it’s been a half crappy sort of day. Nat’s now in a great mood (she says facetiously) and we’ve got to hold out until possibly Monday before we find out whether we’re going to have to dish out for a new television!!!! He’s been so spoiled while watching his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs on the big screen TV, it’s going to be such a let down while watching them on the little 20″ one!!! Count our blessings – at least we’ve got a spare TV.

We’re now down to the final week before our deal in Ridgeway closes. Nat’s got his annual physical on Monday, we’ve got the Bank to go to, we’ve got the lawyer’s to go to and we’ve also got a dud gas meter that has to be replaced this week, plus we now have to get into some serious packing. And now on top of everything we’ve got to call and get the runaround from Sony. If we don’t get that part we’ll have to search for another TV because we’ll need something for the Bell Express-Vu technician to hook up the new satellite to. It turns out I’ve got a bucket of sand downstairs that I brought back from the beaches of Destin – so guess where I’m about to go and stick my head!!!!!

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