Jeese! What Happened to the $10 Million?

Monday’s lousy day just continued further on into the evening. Right in the middle of Dragons’ Den our beautiful 51″ television set decides to go on the fritz. Really pissed us off as the set is only just 5 years old and at the time we put in quite a bit of moolah to buy that sucker. Plus I really enjoy Dragons’ Den and it had to give up the ghost right when one of the contestants was going to ask for $10 Million for an exotic wood recovery program. Really wanted to hear the results of that one!!!!

We noticed a few days back a “flash” across the screen. After that the same thing would happen only to less severity. We naturally thought it was the station we were watching. Often times the feed for the ABC channel from Buffalo is finnickity and we kind of have to put up with it. So with these “flashes” we really didn’t think much of it. But last night the bloody thing started to turn itself off – picture and sound!!! Naturally, we had to fool around – check the cables, check the satellite, and whatever else we could wiggle and jiggle, but alas to no avail. That sucker just kept flashing, blinking and then turning itself off.

So it’s now been decided what we have to do Tuesday morning. Which is what we did – got up, called Sony and got the number of the local service repair people. Now we wait – as the technician will call us back in 48 hours and book an appointment!! Plus we’ll have to fork out $64.00 for a service call and any possible parts and labour.

Naturally, Nat is beside himself. His beloved hockey game is on tonight and he doesn’t know what he’ll do. So, the “Wee Wifey” comes to the rescue – we’ll set up the little television that I used to watch in the bedroom again. (We had previously disconnected that television and the satellite when we sold our dresser and armoir.) We found a cabinet for it to sit on, replugged in everything and we’re good to go. But, again, there had to be one more little snag. Once we turned on the TV we discovered that Star Choice had disconnected the feed to that particular Receiver. It happened while I was canceling our service for the move. The technician on the line had misunderstood me and thought I wanted everything disconnected right then and there – so away she went. Once discovering what she was doing I explained that it was not to be disconnected until the 6th of December. So she turned it back on, but must have forgotten to do the feed to the second Receiver. Since we pay extra for that feed I’m thinking they’d better well give it to us!!!! On the telephone to Star Choice again, and after waiting on hold for the requisite half hour or so, I finally managed to get the feed back up and running.

There are some days now that I feel like I should be getting paid for all the bloody time I’ve been on the phone to service technicians, operators and secretaries. I feel like I’m back behind my secretarial desk from my work days!! Sadly it’s not to be – I just can’t afford to pay me!!

The only nice thing about today was that Bill called and arranged a golf game with Nat for tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be a nice day and he’ll at least get a chance to work off some tension!! Here’s to nothing but birdies, eagles and holes-in-one!!!!

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