God, I Gotta Wear Shoes!!

Boring, boring, boring. Nat and I are about to go snaky!! We’ve been sitting around this old house some days wondering what to get up to next. He’s so anxious to get a move on, he’s driving me crazy. I suppose I am too, but I’ve been trying to occupy my days with the computer. I’ve managed to get a lot of little stuff done, that I’ve always wanted to do – there’s been quite a few web sites I’ve always wanted to check out and some open source programs that I’ve wanted to play with. So I’ve been able to do that. Nat’s not a big computer user – he likes to check out the Toronto Maple Leaf site and naturally he logs on to his BBC Scotland page to see what’s happening around his old hometown. So it can be difficult at times for him to occupy his time before the big move.

We’ve been packing so much that I went to look for a pair of black socks now that the colder weather is here and I have to wear shoes. There was nothing in our dresser except a pair of brown ones and a pair of white ones. Well I have black shoes – so it stands to reason I’d wear black socks, right?? Don’t be surprised when I tell you that all the rest of my socks had been packed and was in a big huge box downstairs. Don’t remember which little “elf” pulled that little stunt. But I do remember someone walking around the house looking for “filler” items for certain boxes!!!! Needless to say I finally found my socks and have hidden them in another drawer.

We’ve been trying desperately not to go out and spend money before we have to. We have, however, been checking out certain stores for drapery treatments. Now if you were a little bug flying around our shoulders you would have heard quite a discussion. He likes that, I like this, he’s not too sure about that, I’m not really sure about that one either, etc. So in order to keep the peace, and because we both agree, we’ve decided to go with just plain sheers. They come in various colours now and we both like the simple look. If, down the road we change our minds, we’re not out a lot of money as sheers are relatively inexpensive and can be used in varying ways with other kinds of drapery.

We’ve also been looking at area rugs for the living room, as the new place has hardwood floors. I’m thinking this purchase is going to be a real challenge. I must admit, however, that Nat and I are at least on the same page as to “design”. In the meantime we found a real bargain at Linens “N Things” for a temporary area rug in a neutral colour. We’re both thinking that it’s going to take us awhile to find exactly what we want, so in the meantime we at least have something to get us started. Plus this temporary rug will go perfectly downstairs for any future family room.

As for the “other project” I’ve decided to work on, I’ve been doing some research and I’m really, really liking what I see. Sounds easy, sounds relatively inexpensive and is very do-able. So I should have something to keep me out of trouble over the wild and wintery Fort Erie/Ridgeway winter. Kind of looking forward to it. But I suppose in the meantime I’ll be keeping out of trouble trying to get unpacked and set up in the new place.

I’m really looking forward to that – a new chance to get things done a little differently and to hopefully try some new things or set-ups. Nat’s got the surround sound system kind of worked out in his mind for the living room and I go to bed at night dreaming of how I’ll set up the kitchen and the office. Of course, once you get in the new house, things are never like you remembered!!!! And we all know how “twisted” my memory can be – and even Nat has had to be corrected a few times himself. “Jeez Louise” fun times ahead!!!!

On another matter, I FINALLY received that replacement Video from Regina. I was so looking forward to that. The poor videographer had sent the first replacement to the wrong address and it took some time for it to be returned to him. So about a month later, it finally arrived and Nat and I took the time yesterday afternoon to view it. Made us proud all over again!!!! Even managed to spot our lovely sister, Gail on it!!! Will have to see who else has spotted her. On a good note, I’ve had a nice emailing relationship with the videographer and he’s been awfully nice about the whole thing. Even told me to keep the original one “as a coaster”. It’s nice to deal with nice people!!

Another hockey game tonight, so I’ll get the newspaper and weekend flyers all gathered up, snuggle under my down throw, and see what’s on sale and what I can’t afford to buy just yet. My kind of night.

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