Where Did You Say You Put It?

Not a whole lot has happened since my last posting. We’ve been busy packing up whatever we can. We’ve even managed to pack a few items and then a day or two later ask ourselves “Why” – and had to unpack them!! Duh!! Do you think we’re a little anxious???

Poor Nat is really anxious. He wants to get the packing finished, he wants to get the painting started, and in general he just wants to get going now! But we all know you don’t always get what you wish for!! So, like most people, he’s going to just have to bide his time until the 23rd.

He has, however, managed to get a game of golf in last Friday. I was glad. It was nice to have him out of the house and away from thinking about things too much. I only hope it warms up a little bit and his buddy will call him again, soon!!!!

I’ve managed to get all of the phone calls done, notifying everyone of our move, along with a lot of other little diddies that needed to be taken care of. Never realized there was so much “small stuff” to take care of.

We’re looking forward to the Irwins’ on Saturday – it’ll be nice to talk to other people. It feels like we’ve been trapped in this place trying to get organized, etc. for the move. So some other adult conversation will be great!! We did see Michele for a few minutes this past Sunday, so I got caught up on the office gossip. I felt bad for her as I returned some photo albums that I wasn’t going to need anymore. She looked like she was in the middle of organizing and then I come along and dump some more on her. Sounds like she’ s making pretty good headway, however, in what she’s doing.

Not much on television last night – so we tried watching The Amazing Race since it was the start of a new season. Couldn’t get into that – just seems like a bunch of people running around the countryside going hither and yon to find the next clue. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it killed an hour!! Nat and I are really getting into The Dragons’ Den. Really love that show and look forward to it every week. Michele has also got us hooked on The Mercer Report. Television for Nat and I can be really tough as we’re not into all of these “reality” shows. Speaking of “reality”, I guess I should sign off and go catch the news before the hockey game starts. Go Leafs, Go!!!


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