Ooooh, Such A Look!!

Normally on a Friday the 13th or on Halloween I have a good day. Never been superstitious – but for some reason today just isn’t cutting it. But maybe it’s not really me, it’s the other guy!!!

For starters I’ve been trying to cancel our Star Choice satellite, and I suppose I should have left that for a really good mood day. The first challenge is getting through. The second challenge is listening to Customer Relations try and talk you out of it and offer you some pretty sweet deals. Of course, they never offer you these deals when you first sign on. Plus where do these sudden “new” package deals come from?? After I finally did get through and talked to Customer Relations and they made us that new sweet deal, I told them that I had to talk it over with Nat and get back to them. So we went online to try and find this “Extra Value Package” they told us about, and naturally it’s nowhere to be found on their web site. I guess they suddenly found this one in their back cupboard where they were saving it for a rainy day!!!! What I did manage to get written down wasn’t exactly everything we wanted. There were an awful lot of channels we would never watch (eg Teletoons, Speed, Space, YTV, etc.) plus there were fewer channels than what we were getting now. Oh, and by the way, they were suddenly ready, willing and able to swap one of our receivers for a High Definition receiver. Normally they make you buy these suckers!! Another little diddy they were keeping in that back cupboard for a rainy day!!! As it turns out the “other guy” we’ve decided to switch to, will offer us High Definition, more channels and free hook-up for a little less than what we’re getting with Star Choice now (and we don’t have Hi-Def with them).

So now we’re in the process of trying to call them back and actually cancel. Again, when I did get an operator on the line I was informed that they are having telephone problems and she’ll have to email Customer Relations and have someone call us back. Do you think we’re getting the cold shoulder???? I suppose in her defence, I did actually have trouble with the line when they called me back the first time around. I’m a determined bugger, however, and I’m going to get through come hell or high water. It’s a challenge and a goal now!!!

As it was going to be another one of those “telephone” days, I decided to also arrange hook-up for our stove and dishwasher when they arrive. Thank God, that was simple!!

So while I’m in the hair-pulling mode, Nat is in the house packing dishes, small appliances and small kitchen stuff that won’t be used from here on in. So we’re now a couple of boxes closer to the finish line!! He’s already made several trips to the Liquor Store for more boxes and to Staples for more bubble wrap and packing tape. We both admit after doing some packing that it can be frustrating. How do you keep the box from being too heavy, how do you fill some boxes with just “filler” and how do you try to keep most things together for certain rooms. At this point we’d both be happy if the bloody boxes would just fill themselves!!! The eternal optimist, however, keeps thinking, “Yes, but we’re that much further ahead“. I told Nat last night that this time next year we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. You should have seen the look I got!!!!! Sometimes just keeping your mouth shut is priceless.

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