Shake A Hand – Make A Deal!

Today cost us a lot of bucks, baby!! We started off okay, did some more packing and made some progress in that department, but then decided to take a break and go out in the pm. Nat said he needed a new pair of running shoes for working around the yard. Sounded reasonable, right??

Took a drive over to Fairview Mall as we wanted to check what Mark’s Work Wearhouse had. Started looking at steel-toed work boots. Pretty good prices, pretty good selection, and pretty good looking firemen in at the same time getting suited up for new boots, pants and the like!!! Worked for me!!!!

Getting back to the story, ahem! Nat tried on some boots and I guess I kind of talked him into them. They were on sale and I thought maybe with him intending to cut down a few bushes, small trees, etc. at the new place that steel-toed boots might be more practical. Turns out he agreed. So we dropped some cash and away we went.

Also decided since we were in the area that we would (for about the third time) go and talk to Bell about possibly switching to their satellite system. We want to go High Definition and at the same time keep our costs down. We keep coming up with questions, as their set-up is somewhat different from Star Choice and naturally their programming choices are different. So “third time being a charm” it turned out they have a system that will work for us and we’ll get High Definition at the same time. Worked for me!!! And Nat agreed!! This time, though, we didn’t drop a chunk of change – that comes later!!

Away we went, two happy clams off down the road to Nickersons. We had finally decided which gas stove, dishwasher and microwave we wanted and, it being a nice day, took the drive over to see what kind of deal we could get. Managed to get the same salesman we had last time, and again discussed with him what we were looking at. Dropped the hint that we had been shopping around in the interim and had found a couple of pretty good deals – no lie, we really had, but just not the full package we wanted. So he said he’d be right back, that he would see what he could come up with. And a short time later he returned with his figures. A weeeeee bit more than we had anticipated, but it was still a lot less than the on-floor retail prices in the store. I guess we hadn’t really sat down and did the full calculations, but we knew it was going to be more than we really, really wanted to spend. Of course, it always is, isn’t it??? So we looked at each other, knowing that we had to bite the bullet, gave each other the old raised eyebrow bit and told him to “wrap it up” – he had a deal. Once we got in the Van to leave we had a look at the invoice and, it turned out to be a pretty good deal afterall. It was just that initial shock of hearing it all lumped into one big, huge figure!!!

So now we’ve got a new dishwasher, microwave and gas stove coming on November 28th – it would be nice if they came with a fully decorated and lit Christmas Tree for the price we paid, but we all know that ain’t going to happen!!! I suppose this has all been a little over-whelming because we also had to divvy up for a new furnace this past month, too. That was one expense we really didn’t anticipate at least until a couple more years down the road. Who knew!!!

I guess that serves us right for even leaving the house!!! Keep your hands in your pockets and you won’t get into trouble.


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