Why Do I Have to Call!!

One of those days where you really can’t do a lot, but you know there’s a lot to be done!! We’re making pretty good headway into the packing bit, but if we pack too much there won’t be anything left for later. A little bit of double speak, but we want to be able to at least enjoy our home while we’re here, so we’re trying to stick to things that have accumulated a wee bit of dust in those top cupboards.

Nat, god bless him, took the task upon himself to pack those top cupboards, while I continued on with the telephone end of things. Still a few contacts to make – utilities, Government, magazines, etc. Some I couldn’t get a hold of earlier, so you have to keep trying, which can be a bit taxing. I’ve done as much online as I think I can. Must admit that certainly made my life easier. And I have to admit some of the Government departments (Federal) have been very good. Couldn’t believe how easy it was to get through to Revenue Canada, after not being able to get through via fax. Go figure!!!

It also surprised us both how many magazines and periodicals or catalogues are being sent to this house – and how many we wanted to continue to get!!! Most of them were relatively easy as you could change your subscription address online. So that went kind of fast – and they confirmed, which was a bonus. During the hockey game last night I set up the laptop and typed up address labels for those Change of Address cards. Should make my life easier to just print and stick.

I couldn’t watch as Nat packed the dishes – what I don’t know won’t hurt me – and besides, he was awfully nice in doing so. Big bonus for me!!!

Then this afternoon we decided to wander around Home Outfitters to have a second look at curtains, drapes, sheers, etc. We both wanted to just get out and get some fresh air for a change. Naturally, when we got there, we had discovered we really hadn’t made a final decision on colours. So we took some notes of sizes, prices, colours and then wandered back home again. Sat at the dining room table and took out my little “Moving Bible” and went through each room and made final decisions. So now the Moving Bible is up-to-date and we can just take that little sucker with us to the store when we’re ready to buy anything.

We’re both liking our colour choices and I think Nat’s mind is now somewhat at ease. He’s still worrying or at least pre-planning a lot of stuff that (to me) won’t hurt for a day or two. At least he’s prepared mentally I guess!! We sure do bounce off each other like oil and water sometimes, but that keeps the marriage exciting!!

The last phone call I’m kind of dreading is the satellite. We’re going to cancel Star Choice and you know what’s going to happen – why are you leaving, can we make you a deal, are you sure you want to go with those “other guys”, etc. After the past few days, however, of spending a bit of time talking to a lot of these operators I’m ready for anything they throw my way. Get ready, “cause here I come!!!

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